Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Addendum to the Walmart rant

At lunch, I went to the Walmart in Sherwood Park and ordered my lenses. It took all of 7 minutes (including some walking out of the store time) to put my order in. Yup, I'm more PO'd now. I'm going to complain to them, well I might get John to do it. He's such a good husband!

A Walmart rant

I got my prescription for glasses on Monday. I stopped in at Lenscrafters to order some new lenses for my old frames. I was floored by the price. I left not ordering the lenses and decided to check around a bit. John phoned Walmart and the lenses would be $200 cheaper. Fabulous! So we went last night and as we were walking to the store I realized that I had forgotten to bring my prescription. Doh! We went in to find out what time the vision place closed. 9 pm they told us. Great, we had enough time to run home and get the prescription and get back and place an order. We were back in Walmart at 8:45. And all the lights in the vision place were turned off and it had ropes closing it off. I was stunned. So we asked. The lady at the till, in an annoyed voice asked if we were picking something up. No, we said, we want to place an order. She said sorry, we need at least 20 minutes to place an order and they couldn't have done it anyway. How long does it take really to write down my name and prescription (all eight numbers)?
I was rendered speechless. I couldn't believe the stupidity of the reasoning. I should have tried that when I worked in Fanny's. I'm sorry, I know it's only 8:30 but by the time you pick your fabric and I cut it and you get to the till it will take more than half an hour so I'm closing the shop now. If they had said they closed earlier it would have been fine. And what would have happened if I had stayed in the store while John went home to get the prescription... Anyway, I'm just really annoyed about the whole thing.