Thursday, 22 February 2007

I got a new tooth!

I'm so excited. I got a new tooth. On Sunday, the inside of one of my molars broke off while I was eating. This tooth also had a filling in it, so all you could see from the inside was a big lump of ugly silver filling. When I got back to work on Tuesday, I asked around about dentists as I didn't have one. I got a recommendation and had an appointment this morning. Apparently, it was not big deal. They took out the old filling and put a new filling in that replaced the broken bit. The best part is it is white. It looks like a normal tooth!

I wasn't much into having freezing, memories of childhood dentists, but it was bearable. There was however some very bad timing with this. I had a frozen mouth all afternoon while I was co-conducting interviews. It is not particularly easy to speak clearly when you can only feel half your mouth. Which brings me to another point, I got to do interviews today! It is much better being the interviewer rather than the interviewee.


Friday, 16 February 2007


When I arrived at the County, there was a chair in my office that looked like it belonged in a boardroom. So I quoted to myself a slightly changed famous fairy tale "This chair is too big". I went in search of another chair. I found one that fit me but was deemed unsafe as it only had 4 spokes (legs), 5 is apparently better. Nevertheless I snagged this chair although it had no adjustable parts. A bunch of chairs were brought in for us to try out and if you needed a new chair then you could order one, including choice of fabric and colour. I picked an Obusforme chair that has adjustable everything. I'm not kidding. It has: tilt tension, seat height, back angle, seat angle, multi-tilt, back height, forward tilt, synchro tilt with 5 position controls and seat depth, arm height and arm width adjustments. And the arms have ErgoGel armcaps! This chair cost a pretty penny. Many, many, many, many pretty pennies. You'd think then that the back height control would be sophisticated...but no. I'm pretty short so it has to be in the lowest position. Throughout the day it works itself into higher positions (it has eight preset positions) wtih the movements of my body soon the lumbar support is in the middle of my back. I wonder why an office chair would need the back height to be adjusted so easily. Do people drastically change height thoughout the day? Oh well, I chose the chair and got to pick the fabric and colour, you can't have everything......but it really pisses me off because it is poorly engineered. Doh!