Saturday, 28 July 2012

Phone fun

The other day, shortly after John got home, his cell phone rang. He was changing so I decided to answer it, the number didn't look familiar.
Me: Hello
Caller with Russian accent: Hi, is John there?
Me: Yes, who's calling?
CwRA: Igor, from *mumbled* construction
Me: What is this about?
Igor: Can I talk to him?
Me: Why are you calling?
Igor: Who are you?
Me: I'm his wife. What are you calling for?
Igor: Oh forget it. click.

How bizarre! I was amused and went and told John. A couple minutes later John's cell rings again. John answers this time.
John: Hello, John here.
Caller: (aggressively) Who is this and why the hell are you answering my buddy's phone?
John: (amusedly) No, this is my phone man!
Caller: No! How did you get it and why the hell are you answering it?
John: (laughing) Buddy you really got the wrong number, this is my phone
Caller: You mean your number is 2-9-3-1-1-0-3? This is my buddy's phone number! (getting increasingly upset)
John: Laughed harder! You really have the wrong number, take a look at the number you just dialed. Take a look on your phone.
Caller: Whatta ya mean?
John: Take a look at the number on your phone that you just dialed.
Caller: (pause....assertively)It says 7-8-0-2-3- (then he stops) Ooohhh, buddy, I'm so sorry, Oh f***, I'm so sorry.
John: (laughing) That's alright, man. Don't worry about it.
Caller: Oh, thank you so much. You have a good day!

So I'm listening intently...
Me: Was it the same guy? Check the number.
John: Yup same number.
We were greatly amused. However, the second caller didn't have a Russian accent. I'm going to presume that I got cursed in the construction shack after the first call. Perhaps something like this
Igor: some f'ing woman answered, does John have a wife?
Caller: no, somebody stole his phone, I'm going to call it again.

What are the chances that two phone numbers so close would both be owned by John's? It's really great when John tells his conversation because he puts in all the tone an emotion.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fisher Price

Isabel has a Fisher Price Bouncer with toy bar. Somehow (I think my nephew yanked on it) the tree frog got cracked and I thought hey I should be able to replace that. So I went online to the Fisher Price site and looked for a replacement tree frog. There wasn't one unless you wanted to buy a whole new toy bar. I filled out the "contact us" thing asking for a tree frog and explaining what happened. They responded very quickly, saying they were sorry it cracked and would send me a new toy bar! No questions, no receipt required, no cost. I was very pleased with their customer service. The toy bar arrived about a week later. Yay, Fisher Price!