Friday, 13 June 2008

My friend

My friend got fired on Monday. I feel kind of relieved. She complained a lot about the job which she wasn't doing and how she couldn't get a handle on her life. Outside of work she's a good friend, at work she was really annoying. But I feel bad for feeling relieved.

I had some interesting discussion with her. She didn't like organized religion because she didn't like that the people in the didn't behave better or more appropriately to whatever standard she was using. I countered with "that's the problem with organized religion - it's full of people". I think that is a pretty lame excuse for not liking the church. Gee, it's full of people who aren't perfect, go figure.

The other day she walked into my office asking, "what's the meaning of life, what's our purpose" and then said "nobody really knows". I said I knew. She said what is it then. I said "you won't like my answer" but she wanted to hear it anyway. I tried to find a way to say our purpose is to bring glory to God in a way she would understand and actually express what I meant. I failed miserably. Her response was "well, I don't believe in that". I feel I failed God in an opportunity to express something that would impact her life. Thankfully, God is bigger than me and can make things work whether I was brilliant or not.


Jim Hall said...

Failed God? Certainly not! However I do understand how you feel. I often feel that way on Sundays, and I get a full 30-40 min. to blather on! So I can relate. You could have chosen the easy route of not saying anything, but you saw an opportunity and stepped into it. When we're faithful in small things, God tends to give us other opportunities. So you'll have other chances.
I often like to remind myself that in the Bible, God chose to speak through an ass, so there's hope that maybe he'll speak through me too.
I figure that God knew that many of us would feel like an ass when we try to talk about our faith, and that's why that story is there... God's got a sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I can be an ass! :)