Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Toaster Fun

On Monday I bought a new toaster. I got it home and set up only to find that our bread was too large for the toaster. We have breadmaker bread which is larger than store bought bread. This morning, I returned the toaster and picked out another one. Only to find that it to was too small. I made John return the second one, while I went to look as the toasters again. I was smarter this time though; I took a cupboard cutout of our bread. It turns out there was only one toaster on the shelf that our bread would fit in. You will all be happy to know that ever toaster can fit a bagel. Unfortunately, of the toaster that fit our bread there was only the display unit left. Humpf. We could have gone with the four slice toaster of the same model and type but really there is just two of us, why would we need a four slice toaster. We took the display unit and on top of the sale of 25 % off the last ticketed price we got an additional 10% off. I am very happy that we have a new toaster. I hope that it doesn't break down soon; I don't think I could handle having to return a third toaster.

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