Sunday, 17 August 2008


Yesterday, I ran my first 5 km race. I am proud that I finished it. It has been a long road for me to be able to run that much. I have to say that it was hard. My leg cramped up in the second km so I walked for 5 minutes. Does that mean I didn't actually complete the race. Somewhere around 4 km my left foot started to fall asleep so I stopped and loosened my shoelace. I feel a bit disappointed it didn't go better but I finished sooner than I anticipated. It would have been nice to have a cheering section at the start/finish line. I think I'll arrange for that next time. Next 5 km race in October, I hope.

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Jim Hall said...

NO, it certainly does NOT mean that you failed to complete the race. It's not like you walked for rest of the race! Yesterday I walked for portions of my own race too! It was hellish hot yesterday!
bravo. you should be proud that you ran the race. It seems that you enjoyed yourself enough that you're planning to do another one and that's the most important thing.
You and John have much to be proud about in your results.
Keep it up!