Friday, 1 August 2008


What a crappy day. On the way to my eye appointment, the car broke down. :( I got a ride from our good friend Jim to my appointment and John went with the towtruck and car. It was estimated that it would be $1100 to fix it. At the end of today, they phoned and said they had changed all the parts and the car wouldn't start and they would look at it again on Tuesday. :(

My eye appointment went okay but I really wish John could have been there with me. It didn't hurt and I couldn't see the needle that went in my eye. The doctor and nurse were very good and nice. My eyes hurt like crazy right now though and they haven't stopped watering. And I can't see very well probably mostly due to all the watering. It's always fun having random tears running down your face. Light seems to be a bit of an irritant, John went out and got me some sunglasses that I am wearing in the house. Beats keeping my eyes closed. I'm not sure if this is normal but I can't phone to find out because the office is closed and won't be open until Tuesday. And AB Health doesn't cover this proceedure so I had to fork out $225. I hope things improve tomorrow.

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Jim Hall said...

I fully agree that your day sucked big time.
it's frustrating that you have to pay for the procedure.. it sure didn't seem like it was terribly 'optional' and it most definitely wasn't 'cosmetic'!!
Let's blame it on King Ed (Oh the AB advantage!!)

I'm surprised that the car dealership couldn't fix it more effectively. You'd think they'd know their own cars better than anybody...

can I blame that on Ed too?

guess not.


take care