Saturday, 3 January 2009

A new year

I have cried much of late over the closing of the Canopy. Many things remind me of my church home for the last 5 years. It doesn't help any that I don't know where I'm going to church tomorrow nor the great effort that is required for me to meet new people and build new relationships. The finances will slowly get sorted out but it feels like the pain is prolonged in the process. What is annoying is I don't understand why and even if I did I probably wouldn't like the answer. I don't want to hurt anymore.

What will John and I do? We have very different preferred styles. Does style really matter? In a way, yes but perhaps in a bigger way, no. I guess I really want a church that is a community that has a passion for Jesus and compassion for people. Hhmmm...

What a beautiful King

I titled this a new year but I got side tracked...I'll blog later about the new year.

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Jim Hall said...

The process of finding another church community is more difficult than I had anticipated.
Today Pam and I went to church but neither of us really enjoyed it much.
I think that I believed that since so many people had found it quite easy to leave The Canopy over the years that it would be relatively easy for the rest of us. This has not been the case. Not at all. Our kids are having a very difficult time with the adjustment. It's not going well so far. They miss teacher Beth.

I have been in a foul mood today. Foul moods have been quite common lately. It's all very strange because on the surface I'm not 'feeling' a lot, but maybe I am... just deeper down.

It's hard. Very very hard.