Monday, 2 February 2009

Rant perhaps inappropriately or Why IV

I'm working on doing the charitable receipts for my now defunct church. I am so annoyed with people. One is not supposed to be bothered by this when being the treasurer. Mostly, I'm not but every now and then I get annoyed. "Why don't we have enough money in the church?" "Why aren't we doing anything?" "Why...?" The people ask. Perhaps, just perhaps it's because YOU aren't contributing. 13 regular tithers can only do so much. And I was generous in counting the regular. They might say that they don't have enough money, to which I would say one of the least financially able gave regularly. It wasn't a huge amount but it's better than those that gave nothing. Well, that's enough of that. Back to my receipts.


Jim Hall said...

I HAVE to comment on this one:
It's a sad reality that most people vote with their money, and in the end, the church closed because of it. (okay, there was more involved, but in the end it did come down to an issue of money)
I've got a friend whose brother in law refuses to go to church because he says that all churches talk about is money and all they want is your money.
What a load.
It's amazing that through the ENTIRE year of 2008 there were only 13 regular givers to the church. It's amazing that it lasted to the end of the year...
Oh well.
the church closed and in the end I bet that only about 13 people really cared all that much.

John said...

The funny thing is I enjoy giving. A lot because I know it goes to a good cause and also because I know I get half of that back at income tax time. I hope I don't get struck dead for that...

I certainly share the frustration, though.