Thursday, 10 September 2009

It is finished...

Well, probably not. Just sent off the last of the paperwork for the Canopy to the CRA. As long as they don't request anything else it'll be finished. Here's hoping. Of course, I've got all the financial documents in my house that I have to hold on to for years. I might be feeling a little bitter but only because nobody else cares which makes sense as the Canopy closed 9 months ago. And really it's okay, I don't mind doing it. Maybe what I really want is a little appreciation.

Bah! Enough of that crap. It's kinda funny that the CRA took so long reviewing the letter asking for the charitable status to be revoked that I don't have to prove we disposed of our assets appropriately. If you are really interested in the details of that you can look it up on the CRA website. I hope they don't come asking for more info that would mean I'd have to sift through the pile of papers on the table that has been dubbed the Canopy table.

On the other hand a side benefit of doing the treasurer stuff is I can claim professional development hours with APEGGA for the volunteering my time.

The biggest thing that I hope the CRA doesn't want is taxes from the Canopy...if they do I'll come looking for donations.

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